Elite Abs: The Ultimate Core Program

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Revamped. Rewritten. Redesigned. Elite Abs includes 30 of our favorite core building movements to define your abs and strengthen your lower back.

With a Follow-Along Core Bracing tutorial video led by Coach Ki, you'll learn how to effectively engage your abs, and perfect pelvic tilt to keep you injury free as you build strong, aesthetically pleasing abdominals.

We work you through 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced, beginning with movements to heighten mind-muscle connection & increase core muscle activity. Once bracing is second nature to you, you'll be ready to advance to the intermediate and advanced movements.


28 Pages Long.

Customer Reviews

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Well Done

This is a perfect core program. Yes, I said perfect. Great explanations for beginners to advanced. The videos are a great addition. It’s like having a trainer in your pocket!

Elite Abs

Great workout still have 2 weeks left but feeling great!

Nkaitlhaba Molokomme

It is a very awesome program and easy to follow

Kelsey Bean
The Ultimate Core Program

I never have anything bad to say about this amazing brand. This is just another item / program added to my list that is bettering me from the inside out. Athelite does not follow the fabs of influence and truly focus on the fundamentals of having a healthy life.

Tiffany B

Elite Abs: The Ultimate Core Program