Job Title: Order Processing Clerk
Department/Group: Shipping
Location: Peachtree Corner
Level/Salary Range: $10.00-$12.00/hr


Job Category: Entry Level
Job Code/Req#: 1000
Travel Required: Minimal
Position Type: Part-Time




Roles and Responsibilities:

To be responsible for the day to day processing of order sales in the shipping department. Providing strong customer service skills and grave attention to detail. Inspecting quality of items being shipped out. Tag items and get them ready for shipping. Ensure orders being shipped are correct and cohesive with the sale order placed by customer. Ensuring placement and packaging of items align with the requirements set forth by AthElite. Place orders for shipping items as needed. Conduct Inventory of product on a weekly basis. Schedule Pick Up or drop off order to USPS.


Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • High school Graduate
  • 1-year experience as an order processing clerk in a fulfillment center or similar.
  • Able to type, read and write in English.
  • Ability to use software such as excel, email, and order processing system.
  • Must have reliable transportation as travel is required.
  • Pass E-Verify Qualifications.
  • Ability to pass Criminal Background Check


Preferred Skills:

  • Able to operate a computer.
  • (Preferred but not required) Previous experience fulling orders through Shopify


Additional Notes:

  • Possibility for full time hours.



To apply, e-mail all resumes to

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Kiara A. Freeman, B.S., NSCA-CPT, PPSC, USTAF

Education: Bachelor's of Exercise Science in Human Performance & Fitness Management; USA Track & Field Coach Level 1

Professional Experience: 6 years

Specialties: Prenatal & Postpartum, Sports-Specific Training, Pain-Free Functional Training, Powerlifting

Why I Love Being a Coach: "Besides fitness being such an exciting and evergrowing field, there is something fulfulling and gratifying about helping others achieve their fullest potential. For me, personally, fitness not only gave me purpose, but it gave me physical and mental confidence. If I can lift 300lbs, I know I can mentally conquer anything. Life is about mindset. Change and evolution starts with a mind shift. Fitness requires a lot of mental stamina & an open mind to get better and stronger. I love helping men & women discover that."

Neko Freeman, M.S,. CSCS, PPSC,

Education: Master's of Kinesiology in Sports Conditioning & Adaptive Sports; U.S. Paralympic Track & Field Level 1; Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Professional Experience: 10 years

Specialties: Sports-Specific Training, Speed Development, Adaptive Training, Strength & Power Training, Bodybuilding, Corrective Exercise, Pain-Free Functional Training, Conditioning

Why I Love Being a Coach: "There is no better feeling than being able to guide someone to a point that they never imagined being at physically. Not only does coaching allow you to help someone develop physiologically but mentally as well. From being more disciplined, to feeling more confident, coaching allows you to completely change someone’s life inside out. Whether it’s helping athletes reach the next level, helping Moms and Dads have the energy to play with their kids, or just helping someone be the strongest version of themselves coaching gives me a sense of fulfillment that never gets old. "