Train Like an AthElite: Strength + Fat Loss + Performance

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Our Train like an AthElite program is for anyone looking to become more explosive, stronger, faster, while keeping your joints healthy and promoting long-term health.

    MODE: Home Based, 8 weeks

    SPLIT: 3-7 Days | 3 Full Body Strength Workouts , 2 Plyo + HIIT Workouts, 1 Metabolic Conditioning Workout, 1 Active Recovery + Mobility Workout

    EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbells only. The more weight options, the better. We also recommend mini Hybrid Bands.

    FITNESS LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate

    Customer Reviews

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    Katie Z.
    Just what I needed!!

    Train Like an AthElite just hits different! With two of the eight weeks completed, I am absolutely loving the way this program is challenging me. It is exactly what I have been needing.

    Arianna Wynter

    Train Like an AthElite 8-Week Program

    Maria Delacruz

    Train Like an AthElite 8-Week Program

    Amanda Green

    Feeling Amazing!

    Athlite Program

    I’m only on week 2 and so far it’s been great but I’ve also been dying lol. I always struggled with working out cause I never knew what to do but you guys made it so much easier with your demo videos they help me so much. Your whole program is so organized and literally breaks down everything for a beginner to understand. I will take videos and pictures to send you for my progress but so far I’m starting to love working out ! Thank you !!