Moms Who Lift: Postpartum & Core Rebuild Program

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Our 8-Week Postpartum & Core Rebuild program is designed for postpartum women wanting to gain total body strength, shed excess baby weight, & increase core strength.

Diastasis Recti Repair: In addition to strength-based & cardio-based full body workouts, you'll also have access to Kiara's Follow-Along Core Rebuild workouts. These mini workouts are designed to restrengthen your pelvic floor, abs, & lower back. With consistency, these workouts will decrease severe ab separation, no matter how long you've been experiencing it.

MODE: Home Based, 8 weeks

SPLIT: 3-5 Days | 3 Full Body Strength Workouts , 2 HIIT Cardio Workouts

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbells only. The more weight options, the better. We also recommend mini Hybrid Bands.

FITNESS LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate


  • Eating for 2: Navigating Nutrition while Breastfeeding
  • Supplementing Safely: What supplements are safe while breastfeeding?
  • Macro Cheat Sheet / Grocery List
  • Quick Meal Ideas for Busy Mamas



Customer Reviews

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Halee Wright

Moms Who Lift: Postpartum & Core Rebuild Program

Brittany Pringley
No complaints!!!!

Great programs per usual!

Schari Fontus

Being a home workout program I thought it would be easier! I was soooo wrong I have been challenged just as much and at times more than the gym based workout programs. I absolutely love this program! Great for the cold months and times when the babies are home!

Everett Hughes

I have not received my order as of yet

Lezanne W-Sargeant
Moms Who Lift: Postpartum Program

I love it and wish I knew about it earlier.

Would've loved it to had been more one on one coaching... Like someone to tell me get moving Lezanne if I lack motivation one day because exercise with a baby around can be hard. I've missed two days this week because of time constraints but i plan to go hard and get in something tomorrow.

Would've also liked a full 30–40-minute follow along workout video in addition to the demonstrations.

However, I love that every day does not require weights allowing me to do something quick while my kid is around, and I love the schedule provided.