Elite Strength: Powerbuilding

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12 Week Powerbuilding Program.

This 90 page ebook is jammed packed with 12 weeks of progressive workouts, divided into Upper & Lower body splits. We designed this full body program for anyone looking to get stronger, faster, burn body-fat & build muscle.

By the end of the 12 weeks you’ll be hitting new PR’s on all major lifts: Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift…injury free. This is an advanced program, so expect new challenging workouts every single week. 

MODE: Gym Based

SPLIT: 4 Days | 2 Upper + 2 Lower (2 Training Schedules to choose from)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Full Gym (plus specialty equipments like chains, long bands, plyo boxes) + Hybrid Bands & Long Bands

FITNESS LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced. At least one year of lifting experience required.

Customer Reviews

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The best program!

Program so good love that workouts are different each day but different variations! So good second time doing it again!

Aylin Heredia

Elite Strength

Marcia Edward

Best program I’ve come across. awesome job !

Amazing Program !!

I'm a college athlete and did this full program with one of my teammates this off season. AMAZING! Saw such an increase in my strength each week as well as my confidence when lifting. Love the knowledge and the resources both Kiara and Neko put into their programs

Best Program!

I just finished week 2 of Elite Strength & so far I am in looove!! I initially did EG vol1 & wanted some more upper body focused days/increase my strength. The fact that this program is power/body building focus is awesome! Not gonna lie I was a bit intimidated by it but now I'm ready to crush every workout. I cannot wait to see where my strength & body is when the 12 weeks are over then I'm hoping onto EG vol2 or Shred to many awesome programs to choose from. 💯