Elite Shred - Weight Loss Program

$65.00 USD
Type: Programs

8 weeks of perfectly programmed gym-based workouts designed to burn maximum body-fat, increase total body strength, mobility, & joint health.

SPLIT: 4 - 6 days with two Training Schedules to choose from

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Full Gym + Hybrid Bands & Long Bands

FITNESS LEVEL: Beginner - Advanced



  • 10 pages of Nutritional Guidance for Optimal Fat Loss - Creating Balanced Meals, Supplement Recommendations, Sample Meal Schedule, & more.
  • Demo Videos for every movement
  • Movement Breakdowns - detailed form analysis of commonly butchered movements
  • Dynamic Warm Ups to prep your body for every workout

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Khaleel bremby
Elite Shred - A great foundation

I’m wrapping up week six, headed into the program's final phase, and I can honestly say I enjoyed it. This is my first program ever, and although I’ve been able to get into shape on my own, this has been a great tool. It was very informative and challenging week in and week out. I learned a lot about the importance of nutrition as well. I highly recommend this program if you’re ready to start taking yourself seriously and make the time to commit to improving yourself overall.

Christina Curry

Elite Shred - Weight Loss Program

Demi Forbes
Great program!

I just started week 1, phase 2 of Elite Shred and have been loving the program so far! I can feel myself getting stronger already! I've had to modify the program a bit for my personal capabilities and goals. I've increased the reps and lowered the rest time for each exercise. I find that this gives me a better challenge. Overall, great program!

sydney sloan

Elite Shred - Weight Loss Program

Sydney Batiste
Love it!

This is my 2nd work out program from Ki & Neko! They definitely make you put in the work for the best results & it makes you seem like an expert in the gym! I will say though, if you have a busy schedule… Elite Shred may not be for you. I’m in school & its kind of hard to fit it in my schedule but I find a way! Great program nonetheless.