Elite in 3: Strength + Fat Loss

$55.00 USD
Type: Programs

Our #1 Best-Selling program to date. Perfect for any busy individual wanting consistency in their training regime. We've designed the perfect 3-Day Full Body split that guarantees strength gains & fat loss. Whether your ultimate goal is weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance, this programming can work for you.

MODE: Gym Based

SPLIT: 3 Days, Full Body every session

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Full Gym (plus specialty equipments like chains, plyo boxes) + Hybrid Bands & Long Bands

FITNESS LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced



  • 10 pages of Nutritional Guidance for Optimal Fat Loss - Creating Balanced Meals for every goal, Supplement Recommendations, Sample Meal Schedule, & more.
  • How to make this program work for Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, or Weight Gain
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Demo Videos for every movement
  • Movement Breakdowns - detailed form analysis of commonly butchered movements
  • Dynamic Warm Ups to prep your body for every workout

*Best results with AthElite®️ Hybrid Performance Bands & AthElite®️ Dynamic Performance Bands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Chisom E.
Fantastic program!

Worth every penny!

Susan Isichei
So far so good

I’m only 2 weeks into the program currently.
It’s a nice basic , well programmed program! I’m a trainer,,on first glance I thought it was too easy,, it’s not , it’s nicely challenging

So far , I’ve only swapped out one exercise, Deadlifts followed by deadlifts is unnecessary

My only real negative is, There’s no where on the program to record your weight

Lots of supplementary material on nutrition , additional workouts on off days etc

Overall excellent value & lots of information .
I would definitely purchase other programs

Absolutely recommend!

I bought this program and decided to try out because I wanted to get back consistent. I worked out 6 months consistently and fell off for a year. My last max out I did at the end of 6 months training I was able to achieve in just 2 months of this program. I Did not eat very clean so I didn’t see much progress in my body but I definitely gained a lot of strength. I absolutely love this program and will be buying another one while keeping a more balanced eating habit. I can’t wait to see my body transformation for the next program.

Michaela Worrell
10/10 recommend!

I’m in love! I love going to the gym, but coming up with my own workouts was a bit overwhelming at times. This program has made that 10x easier for me. It has everything you need and more. It’s very easy to follow and the video demonstrations are also very helpful. If you’re looking for a good 3 day split, go ahead and purchase it right now! I’m on week two and I’m already seeing results!!

Mario rencher
Week 3

Definitely seeing progress in body goals. Great workouts with videos to people like me who need to see how to do a workout correctly. Its no joke workouts are intense do not skip the warm up portion. You need it. Just great layout overall just have to put in the work. Cant wait till the end with my results and next volume.