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I adore all of Kiara’s workout plans! this one is no exception. Feel a true glute pump after every days workout. 🔥

Great Program

This program is definitely what I’ve being looking for. I’ve always wanted to add conditioning to my workout. A lot of the movement are different which I like because I usually do powerlifting programs. This program is amazing!!

This workout program has been very challenging, but I have been enjoying the ride. I have gotten stronger to say the least. I’m looking forward to my results. I have never “trained” before. I’m in week 2. I’ll be back with results later!

Excellent so far!

I’m so happy I took the leap and purchased this program! I’ve been taking gym classes and was nervous about getting back into weightlifting because it’s been literal years. I felt like I didn’t belong. This Elite Shred program has restored my confidence, has me excited for the gym and has given me reason to be consistent in a way I haven’t been in years. I’ll be purchasing more programs!! Excited to start phase two on Monday!

Moms Who Lift: Postpartum & Core Rebuild Program

Elite Shred - Weight Loss Program

No complaints!!!!

Great programs per usual!

Top Tier

This program outshined any other trainers program I’ve used. It was challenging like I needed and it yielded the results I had been trying to train for since getting into fitness. 10/10 have recommended already.

Amazing Quality

I love how heavy and thick the material feels! The quality is unmatched!

Icon Crew Sock
Ty Crawford
Icon Crew Socks

Extremely comfortable, flexible and perfect for working out or with a regular outfit!

Elite in 3: Volume 2
Basma Yahaya

Elite in 3: Volume 2


This plan gives what it needs to give everytime. Good shxt y’all !


I love my Dream Ultra High Waist Leggings! The quality of the leggings are A1! I definitely will be purchasing more in the future!

Exactly what the Dr ordered!!!

I been aimlessly doing random workouts in my fitness journey. I’m ready to turn it up with my training and knew this was the perfect program for mr. I’m super excited to see how I transform over the next 8 weeks!

Dynamic Performance™ Bands (Set of 2)

Great! Don't tear, very stretchy but strong. Great design aesthetic.

Limitless Training Bra
Brittany Garber
Limitless Training Bra

The material is amazing! I wore this bra during strength training and it was very comfortable and its an added plus that its cute!

Legacy Bold Crew Sock
Jasmine Hines

Love these socks!

Onyx Essential Shorts
Keanta Burney
I love AthElite

Thank y’all for all y’all do!

Onyx Essential Shorts
Tennille Smith
Fav Shorts

I absolutely love these shorts and how the fit me. NO COMPLAINTS!

No access to my program

I bought a program about a year ago and now I am not able to access it anymore. I wrote to you all and have not anything back and that’s delaying when I was planning to start. No issue with the program itself but I paid and now have no access. If you could get back to me that’ll be great.

Best maternity leggings ever

I’ve worn their maternity leggings my FULL pregnancy. At first I was skeptical and thought they might have just been hype but let me tell you…. I’ve worn the same two pairs (shorts and full length) since I found out I was pregnant. I am now 9 months pregnant (38 weeks) and they still fit beautifully. I am so confident in the gym because of them. Thank you kiara for making these! They are life.

Love love love the clothing! Soft shorts that don’t ride down or up, and the mens shorts and shirt my hubby loves to wear casually or work out.

This Program is Great on all Levels

Great Challenging Program. I'm also a Trainer so it's good to Get insights from Well established Fitness pros like Kiara and Neka. 5 Thumbs up !!!

Love this!

This program is great for those without a gym membership or access to the gyms with lots of equipment but still looking to have a challengingly good workout.

Elite in 3: Strength + Fat Loss